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    Wednesday, 5 April 2017

    Lab Attender 2017 Question Paper and Answers - Kerala PSC

    Lab Attender 2017 Question Paper and Answers Kerala PSC

    Check out the questions paper and answers of recently conducted Lab Attender exam under Kerala PSC. English questions are added first and other questions are added in PDF form. The exam was conducted on 07/01/2017 and we directly added answers after each questions and not as answer key's. So check every questions and don't compare the question number with the original question papers. The questions are same but the question numbers will be different.

    1)._____the rain stopped ,the play had to be suspended..
    (A ) Until      (B) when     (C) As         (D) While

    Answer : until

    2).choose the correct antonym of Freedom
    (A) Independence     (B) liberty           (C) choice    (D) restriction

    Answer : Restriction

    3).________goes before a fall.
    (A) Haughtiness    (B) kindness    (C) pride    (D) happiness
     Answer : Pride

    4).Devanarayan asked the boy:
    ( A) What was he doing      (B) What he was doing
    (C) What he did                    (D) What he would done )

    Answer : What he was doing

    5).Choose the correct meaning of the foreign word ' vis a vis'
    (A) Back to back                   (B) Side by side  
    (C) looking at each other    (D) face to face

    Answer : Face to face

    6).He has been working here___1990
    (A) From    (B) till     (C) since       (D) before

    Answer : Since

    7).The study of the original and history of words
    (A) Entomology  (B) etymology   (C) phonology  (D) phonetics

    Answer : Phonology

    8).The agitation by the workers for higher wages has______
    (A) Died down    (B) died upon   (C) died off   (D) died out

    Answer : Died out

    9).Are you afraid  ___snakes.
    (A) By          (B) at       (C) about      (D) of

    Answer : Of

    10).I Am late  _?
    (A) Am I         (B) aren't I       (C) isn't I        (D) are I not

    Answer : Aren't I

    11).'Please come in' is _ sentence.
    (A) Assertive      (B) interrogative  (C)  imperative    (D) exclamatory

    Answer : Imperative

    12).I saw  ___one eyed man
    (A) a          (B)  that         (C)  the           (D) an

    Answer : A

    13).If you invited me I__________.
    (A) Would have come    (B) would come 
    (C) will come                   (D) would be coming

    Answer : Would come

    14).I _________him seven years ago
    (A) Met       (B) have met     (C)  had met    (D)  have been met

    Answer : Met

    15).This car ____________to my brother.
    (A)  Do not belong   (B)  belonging   (C) belongs   (D) has belonged

    Answer : Belongs

    16).I will give you my telephone number _______to contact me.
    (A)  In case you will need        (B)  in case you may need
    (C) in case you would need     (D)  in case you need)

    Answer : In case you need

    17).One of my friends ______passed the examination.
    (A) Have         (B)  is        (C) has       (D) are

    Answer : Has

    18).Neither of them __ invited to the party
    (A) Was         (B) were        (C) had         (D) will

    Answer : Was

    19).The meaning of euthanasia
    (A) Murder     (B) assassination   (C) atrocity   (D)  mercy killing

    Answer : Mercy killing

    20).Statutory means
    (A) About statutes                 (B) fixed or controlled by law
    (C)  Pertaining to statutes    (D) stationary      

     Answer : Fixed or controlled by law

    Check out other questions in along with the questions in above in PDF form : 

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