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    Friday, 21 April 2017

    List of World's famous Fathers - Kerala PSC GK Questions

    List of World famous Fathers Kerala PSC GK Questions

    Here's the list of person's who'e known as "Father of" different things. These type questions are frequently asks in all competitive exam's like UPSC, KPSC, RRB, Bank Exams etc. This one will be also helpful in the preparation of upcoming LD Clerk Examinations. Check out the tab "General Knowledge" for other Gk questions and also check other categories like Current Affairs, Question Papers, India, Kerala for more question and answers for Kerala PSC and other competitive examinations.

    1. Father of Jurisprudence : John Locke
    2. Father of Science : Galileo Galilei
    3. Father of psychology : Wilhelm Wundt
    4. Father of computer : Charles Babbage
    5. Father of cloning : Ian Wilmut
    6. Father of Printing : Guttenberg
    7. Father of history : Herodotus
    8. Father of economics : Adam Smith
    9. Father of Socialism : Robert Owen
    10. Father of Greek Democracy : Clesthenes
    11. Father of Nuclear Physics : Rutherford
    12. Father of Modern Tourism : Thomas Cook
    13. Father of Green Revolution : Norman Borlaug
    14. Father of computer science : Alan Turing
    15. Father of internet : Vint Cerf
    16. Father of genetics : Gregor Mendel
    17. Father of Sociology : Augustus Comte
    18. Father of Scientific Socialism : Karl Marx
    19. Father of Co-operation : Robert Owen
    20. Father of English Poetry : Geoffrey Chaucer
    21. Father of Essay : Montaigne
    22. Father of Renaissance : Petrarch
    23. Father of Reformation : Martin Luther King
    24. Father of Genetics : Gregor Mendel
    25. Father of Modern Cartoon : William Hogarth
    26. Father of Psychology : Sigmund Freud

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