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    Tuesday, 9 May 2017

    PSC Memory Codes to Remember Five Year Plans of India

    PSC Memory Codes to Remember Five Year Plans of India

    Check out the PSC Memory Codes to simply remember the Five Year Plans ( പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതികൾ) in India. When India gained independence, its economy was groveling in dust then the fathers of development formulated 5 years plan to develop the Indian economy. The five years plan in India is framed, executed and monitored by the Planning Commission of India. The Planning Commission was set up in March, 1950.The draft of the first five-year plan was published in July 1951 and it was approved in December 1951. With the Prime Minister as the ex official Chairman. The commission has a nominated Deputy Chairman, who has rank of a Cabinet minister.

    1. First Plan - ഒന്നാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി (1951 -56)

    Code : ThePICS

    T - Transport
    P - POWER
    C - Communication

    2. Second Plan - രണ്ടാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി (1956 -61)

    Code : MADRAS

    M - Mahalanobis Model
    A - Atomic Energy Commission
    D - Durgapur steel company, Tata Inst of Fundamental Research
    R - Rourkela Steel Company, Rapid Industrialisation
    A - Agriculture
    S - Socialistic Pattern of Society

    3. Third Plan - മൂന്നാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി. (1961-66)

    Code : SAD

    S - Self Reliance
    A - Agriculture
    D - Development of Industry

    5. Fifth Plan - അഞ്ചാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി.(1974-79)

    Code : POSTMAN

    P - Poverty Eradication
    S - Self reliance
    T - Twenty Point Programme
    M - Minimum Need Programme

    6. Sixth Plan - ആറാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി. (1980-85)

    Code : MAIL

    M - Management
    A - Agriculture production
    I - Industry production
    L - Local Development Schemes

    7. Seventh Plan - ഏഴാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി. (1985-90)

    Code : EFGH (the alphabets)

    E - Employment generation
    F - Foodgrain production was doubled
    G - Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (1989)
    H - Hindu rate of Growth

    8. Eighth Plan - എട്ടാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി. (1992-97)

    Code : LPG

    L - Liberalisation
    P - Privatisation
    G - Globalisation

    9. Ninth Plan - ഒമ്പതാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി (1997-2002)

    Code : ESPN

    E - Employment for Women, SC's and ST's
    S - Seven Basic minimum service
    P - Panchayat Raj Institutions, Primary Education, Public Distribution System
    N - Nutrition Security

    11. Eleventh Plan - പതിനൊന്നാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി (2007 -2012)

    Code : TEACHERS

    T - Telicomunicatons (2G)
    E - Electricity, Environment Science
    A - Anemia
    C - Clean water
    H - Health education
    E - Environment Science
    R - Rapid growth
    S - Skill Development


    1. panchayath raj is in 8th 5 yr plan . and have to include many things in 9th session

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