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    Monday 31 July 2017

    Interesting Facts about Asia - PSC General Knowledge Questions

     Interesting Facts about Asia PSC General Knowledge Questions

    Check out some of the facts about Asia. This can be asked under GK questions section in all competitive examinations like PSC, UPSC, RRB, Bank Job, DRDO etc. Also check other GK questions ans answers under the category "General Knowledge".

    1. Which one is the world’s largest and most diverse continent?
    Ans : Asia

    2. How much of the Earth’s total surface area does Asia Covers?
    Ans : 8.8% 

    3. Which person is known as “Light of Asia" ?? 
    Ans : Gautama Budha

    4. Who is the author of the book “The Light of Asia” ?? 
    Ans : Edwin Arnold

    5. Which is known as the land of “rivers and distributories” ?? 
    Ans : Bangladesh

    6. Who is known as father of the nation Bangladesh ?? 
    Ans : Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman

    7. Which country is world's first smoking free country ?? 
    Ans : Bhutan

    8. What's known as the combined continental landmass of Europe and Asia ??
    Ans : Eurasia

    9. Asia is subdivided into how many countries?
    Ans : 48 countries.

    10. Which one is the longest river in Asia ??
    Ans : Yangtze

    11.Which is the longest bridges in Asia??
    Ans : Danyang – Kunshan Grand Bridge, China

    12. . Which is the tallest building in Asia??
    Ans : Burj Khalifa, Dubai

    13. Which country was formerly known as Persia ??
    Ans : Iran

    14. Which country’s official language is Hebrew ??
    Ans : Israel

    15. Which is the smallest country in Asia ? 
    Ans : Maldives

    16. Which one is known as Sick man of Asia ?? 
    Ans : Myanmar

    17. Who is the first Asian to get a Nobel prize in Science?
    Ans : Sir C. V. Raman

    18. Which Asian country’s tourism tagline is “The Wonder of Asia”
    Ans : Sri Lanka

    19.Which Asian country was ruled by Taliban from 1996 to 2001 ??
    Ans :: Afghanistan

    20. Ikebana is the traditional  art of flower arrangement in________
    Ans : japan

    21. Which is the largest city in Asia by population??
    Ans : Tokyo

    22. Which is the largest city in Asia by area??
    Ans : Beijing

    23. Which is the mostly spoken language in Asia?
    Ans : Mandarin

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